Dedicated Server

The solution for those who need considerable power and dedicated resources.


High performance hardware for powerful computing, supported by multiple fully redundant and low latency networks.

Evaluate a Dedicated Server!


You need to manage challenging projects and find a solution where high performance, safety and stability are required.

No purchase of machinery and management of hardware problems on your part.

Need for maximum customization, configuration, installation and overall flexibility.

You want to have all the dedicated resources and a structure independent from other customers.

Our managed IT services offer you the best value for money, proactively provide seamless technology integration, up-to-date systems and expert technical support at all times, not just when something breaks down.

  • Greater efficiency

    Your needs will be evaluated by one of our experts in order to find the solution that best suits your needs by optimizing the necessary resources.

  • Proportionate investment

    A Dedicated Server allows you to have a service with maximum performance and a cost proportionate to your real needs by choosing the resources that best suit your needs.

  • Maximum customization

    A dedicated server allows maximum customization, configuration, installation and overall flexibility.

  • Complete assistance

    A Dedicated Server can be managed directly by you through direct access or through control panels; if there are no specialized personnel within your company, the maintenance of the service can be entrusted directly to us.

  • Geolocation

    Thanks to the agreement with several Server Farms we are able to locate your Dedicated Server in Italy, France, Germany, America and India according to your target needs.


High performance, full access to administration, greater flexibility.


  • Hardware management

    In case of failure of a physical server, the replacement of the hardware is done in the shortest possible time and completely at our expense.

  • Bandwidth

    All Dedicated Servers have a 1Gbit/s uplink assigned and dedicated to them, this allows you to have unlimited traffic within the assigned 1Gbit.

  • Independence

    The Dedicated Server is a machine assigned exclusively to the customer, completely independent from the others and with its own dedicated network.

  • Storage

    Large storage capacity as it is based on special NVMe SSD RAID or SATA Enterprise storage drives; additional disks can almost always be added on request.

  • Network

    On Dedicated Servers you can implement a custom network architecture, firewall, load balancing and IP distribution.

  • Power

    Dedicated Servers are, at the same cost, much more efficient than VPS Cloud VPS with the limitation, however, that any upgrades require an extended downtime of the machine.

  • Customization

    Inside a Dedicated Server can be installed any software (which does not violate our conditions of use), moreover it is already provided with a pre-installed operating system among those provided by us.

  • Remote access

    You have full access from which you can work directly on the operating system, restart the Dedicated Server and optionally interface via KVM.

  • Security

    Our automated system recognizes almost all attack patterns in advance, allowing you to block attacks and effectively counter the vast majority of them.

Basic Plans of our Dedicated Servers

SD-X-E31230v2F38,20 france-parisintel-xeon-e3-1230v216-gb2x1tb-sata1-gbps500-gb
SD-X-E1230I, 45,20 italia-milanointel-xeon-e3-123016-gb240gb-ssd 2tb-sata1-gbps500-gb
SD-X-E31240v3F, 52,80 france-parisintel-xeon-e3-1240v332-gb2x3tb-sata 2x600gb-sas1-gbps500-gb
SD-I7-6700D, 55,20 germaniaintel-i7-670064-gb2x-4tb-sata-enterprise 2x-512gb-nvme-ssd1-gbps500-gb
SD-R5-3600D, 55,20 germaniaamd-ryzen-5-360064-gb2x-2tb-sata-enterprise 2x-512gb-nvme-ssd1-gbps500-gb
SD-X-E31230v3F55,20 france-parisintel-xeon-e3-1230v332-gb2x2tb-sata1-gbps500-gb
SD-X-E31270v3I57,20 italia-milanointel-xeon-e3-1270v332-gb2x480gb-ssd1-gbps500-gb
SD-X-D1540D, 57,80 germaniaintel-xeon-d-154064-gb2x240gb-ssd 2x2tb-sata1-gbps500-gb
SD-R3-3200GI63,80 italia-milanoamd-ryzen-3-3200g32-gb2x500gb-ssd1-gbps500-gb
SD-X-E31245v6I68,80 italia-milanointel-xeon-e3-1245v632-gb480gb-ssd1-gbps500-gb
SD-I7-8700D, 76,80 germaniaintel-i7-770064-gb2x1tb-nvme-ssd 2x8tb-sata1-gbps500-gb
SD-R7-3700D, 76,80 germaniaamd-ryzen-7-3700x64-gb2x-8tb-sata-enterprise 2x1tb-nvme-ssd1-gbps500-gb
SD-X-E31245v5F76,80 france-parisintel-xeon-e3-1245v564-gb3x500gb-ssd1-gbps500-gb
SD-X-E51650F, 76,80 france-parisintel-xeon-e5-165064-gb2x3tb-sata 2x600gb-sas1-gbps500-gb
SD-I7-9700KI79,80 italia-milanointel-i7-9700k32-gb960gb-nvme-ssd1-gbps500-gb
SD-I9-9900D, 90,20 germaniaintel-i9-9900k64-gb2x1tb-nvme-ssd 2x8tb-sata1-gbps500-gb
SD-X-E52640F, 91,80 france-parisintel-xeon-e5-264064-gb3x2tb-sata 3x450gb-sas1-gbps500-gb
SD-X-E2176D, 100,20 germaniaintel-xeon-e-2176g64-gb2x1tb-nvme-ssd 2x8tb-sata1-gbps500-gb
SD-X-E52620v2F, 117,80 france-parisintel-xeon-e5-2620v2128-gb2x500gb-ssd 2x600gb-sas1-gbps500-gb
SD-X-E51650v3F126,80 france-parisintel-xeon-e3-1650v396-gb3x500gb-ssd1-gbps500-gb
SD-X-W2145D, 151,00 germaniaintel-xeon-w-2145128-gb2x-4tb-sata-enterprise 2x-960-gb-nvme-ssd1-gbps500-gb
SD-X-E52640v3F177,80 france-parisintel-xeon-e5-2640v3192-gb3x4tb-sata1-gbps500-gb
SD-X-E52670v2F, 247,80 france-parisintel-xeon-e5-2670v2256-gb3x3tb-sata 3x500gb-ssd1-gbps500-gb

All plans are already included:

Dedicated Server - in detail

Description of services and options available on Dedicated Servers


Each Dedicated Server is assigned an external backup space of 500GB already included on all plans.

On request it is possible to expand the space according to your needs.

FTP Backup 10Gb€10,00€1,50€8,00€15,00
FTP Backup 50Gb€10,00€4,00€22,00€40,00
FTP Backup 100Gb€10,00€6,50€35,00€65,00
FTP Backup 500Gb€10,00€15,00€80,00€150,00
DDOS protection

DDoS protection is available automatically for all our customers.

In a distributed denial-of-service attack, an attacker sends thousands of false requests in an attempt to overcome bandwidth, flood a server’s resources and overload the system.
This way valid requests can only be processed very slowly or not at all.
Our systems recognize almost all attack patterns in advance, allowing you to block attacks and effectively counter the vast majority.

Our system protects you and your data using Arbor and Juniper hardware.

In addition to recognizing an attack based on the amount of traffic or the number of packets, our systems are able to clearly define the actual attack and react to that particular type of attack, for example, a UDP flood with 500k pps is harmless to a server. However, a 500k SYN package may be a problem.
Our DDoS protection tools are able to detect just this kind of difference.

This method allows us to effectively filter the most commonly known attacks by putting them in traffic cleaning filters.

We filter attacks in the form of SYN floods, DNS floods and invalid packets.

The system will detect DDoS attacks at all times, once an attack is recognized, dynamic DDoS protection tools will immediately take action and filter the attack.

Your traffic will not be affected by the DDoS protection system thanks to its dynamic attack mitigation method.


In the initial setup of the Dedicated Server / Cloud VPS, a firewall ( CSF ) open to the most common ports is configured and enabled .

The firewall allows you to define filter rules for incoming traffic. Rules relating to IPv4 source addresses or the TCP / UDP source port can be set. Defining firewall rules such as these prevents unauthorized access to customer servers.

CSF  (configserver security & firewall)
Csf is a  more advanced firewall system , which in addition to the mere firewalling function via iptables, such as Apf, has integrated some very useful features, such as blocking an IP after total unsuccessful attempts to access the service pop3, the analysis of system logs, an email alert if a server user is modified / deleted / added and above all an excellent anti dos / ddos ​​system. In fact, CSF is a  Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall, Login / Intrusion Detection and Security Application  for Linux servers.

HDD and Storage

Each Server is already supplied with disks configured by default but it is possible to modify and add (when allowed by the controller) further disks.

The disks we use are:

  • SATA Enterprise
  • NVMe SSD Datacenter Edition
  • 3D XPoint NVMe SSD

We monitor your Dedicated Server with checks every 3 minutes, if it should fail, you will be notified via SMS to your reference number.

By default, the monitoring of the reachability of the IP assigned to your server is already included.

On request it is also possible to add monitoring on specific services such as:

  • httpd
  • pop3
  • imap
  • smtp
  • MySQL
  • DNS
Network and Traffic

Unless otherwise specified, all Dedicated Servers have a 1Gbit / s uplink assigned and dedicated to them.

In this way, each Server has unlimited traffic within the assigned 1Gbit.

Remote Access

Remote access is given on each server via SSH or Remote Desktop (for Windows) with administrator permissions from which you can work directly on the operating system as if you had the server locally.

If necessary, it is possible to access remotely via VNC or KVM, this allows the installation of the operating system directly through the administration interface.

The cost for remote access via KVM is € 40.00 + one-time VAT for 30 minutes.

Service Level Agreement – SLA

The  service level agreements  in the SLA acronym  are contractual instruments through which we define the service metrics that must be respected by us towards our customers / users, in fact, once the contract is entered into, they take on the meaning of contractual obligations .

The quality of the service offered by NABULAB is certified by the Service Level Agreement (SLA) which covers:

  • Network performance,
  • Hardware replacement times,
  • support response times,
  • domain visibility.

We guarantee defined times for each operation:

SLA hardware .

NABULAB guarantees the correct functioning of all its hardware, firewalls, load balancers, storage and switches; in the event of a hardware problem, the request for replacement of the faulty part will take place automatically within 4 hours, for dedicated servers, in the event of a hardware problem, the replacement of the faulty part will take place within 24 hours free of charge from the opening of the ticket.
This warranty does not include account restore from backup, RAID array rebuild, application installation and configuration.

SLA response time.

NABULAB technical assistance guarantees precise response times; support requests can be divided into two categories:

  1. emergency – response time 20 minutes from ticket opening. This category includes server downs, lost packets, routing problems.
  2. all other cases – response time 60 minutes after opening the ticket.

The request for support by the CUSTOMER will be assigned an identification code (ticket id) which will be answered within the times indicated above. NABULAB provides as an alternative channel for technical support telephone support H24 x 365GG via mobile number.
In the event that the response times exceed the reported times, NABULAB will refund the CUSTOMER 5% of the monthly service fee or 0.5% of the annual service fee.

Network Uptime SLA.

NABULAB guarantees for the connectivity of all systems 99.95% on an annual basis.
The uptime SLA provides for the operation of the entire network infrastructure, including routers, switches, servers and lines, as well as the reachability of the CUSTOMER server.
Downtime is considered the time in which the CUSTOMER is unable to reach his service for reasons not attributable to the same, the non-reachability of the service is recorded through the NABULAB monitoring system.
The downtime is measured from the moment when the down occurs, until the moment when the CUSTOMER service is able to receive and transmit data again.
The SLA does not include the operation of the software installed on the servers. In the event of interruptions of applications or services installed on the servers due to factors not attributable to NABULAB, including incorrect scripts or interactions between visitors and parts of sites that prove harmful to the system, the downtime period is not counted by NABULAB.

If the service uptime period, recorded by NABULAB monitoring systems is less than 99.95% on an annual basis, the CUSTOMER will be paid an economic refund equal to three times the service downtime period .

By way of explanation, on a service with an annual cost of € 1,000.00, if the annual downtime is 2% (equal to 98% uptime) the CUSTOMER will be paid, by way of reimbursement, an amount equal to € 60.00, that is: 3 * 2% of € 1,000.00

In no case will the total value of refunds paid during the year exceed twice the service fee.


The Dedicated Server or Cloud VPS is delivered already equipped with the required operating system installation with the basic configuration of the software and any management panels required.

The initial configuration must be specified at the time of the order, any changes with respect to the initial configuration are to be intended as additional system intervention.

Static IP

Each Dedicated Server is supplied with 1 static IPv4 (the classic IP) and a subnet / 64 of IPv6.

Upon request it is possible to add other IPv4 to your Server; up to 5 IPv4 no explanation is required, besides it is necessary to provide a valid technical reason to be submitted directly to the RIPE.

1 Indirizzo IP- - - -€2,50€14,50€27,50
6 Indirizzi IP (/29)*€30,00€9,00€51,50€99,00
14 Indirizzi IP (/28)*€30,00€17,00€98,00€188,00
30 Indirizzi IP (/27)*€30,00€32,00€184,00€353,00
62 Indirizzi IP (/26)*€30,00€62,00€357,00€684,00
126 Indirizzi IP (/25)*€30,00€122,00€703,00€1.347,00
254 Indirizzi IP (/24)*€30,00€242,00€1.394,00€2.672,00

* The request is subject to approval by the RIPE

On request it is possible to add additional IPs managed as Floating IP at a cost of € 2.00 / month + VAT

The IP Floating help create highly flexible configurations. You can assign an IP to any server that can then use this IP, you can reassign it to a different server at any time, or you can choose to unassign the floating IP from all servers together.

Floating IPs can be used globally. This means that it is possible to assign an IP to a server in one location and subsequently reassign it to a server in another location.

Systems assistance

On all Dedicated Servers and Cloud VPS we offer, already included an annual system support (2nd level) for those who need special configurations outside the basic support.

Besides these interventions it is possible to expand using one of our advanced assistance plans, in this way your server will be managed directly by one of our technicians: updating, installation, configuration and performance control to have your server always online. Ideal for those with few systems knowledge.

Intervento sistemistico 30 minuti€30,00- - - -- - - -- - - -
Pacchetto assistenza 5 ore (blocco 10 minuti)€240,00- - - -- - - -- - - -
Pacchetto assistenza 10 ore (blocco 10 minuti)€430,00- - - -- - - -- - - -
Pacchetto assistenza 15 ore (blocco 10 minuti)€580,00- - - -- - - -- - - -
Aggiornamento mensile del sistema x server- - - -€15,00€80,00€150,00
Aggiornamento mensile + 20 ore assistenza annue x server- - - -€40,00€220,00€400,00
Aggiornamento mensile + 30 ore assistenza annue x server- - - -€50,00€270,00€500,00

The assistance.

Each of our services always includes 1st level assistance which includes, free of charge:

  • Service monitoring with e-mail or SMS notification.
  • Availability of one of our technicians 24 hours a day by phone and e-mail from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:30.
  • Manual restart of the Dedicated Server or Cloud VPS in case of need.
  • Intervention of a technician in case of error in the automated procedures.
  • Hardware replacement in case of failure.

The 2nd level assistance service includes:

  • All this including 1st level assistance.
  • Systemic interventions on the Dedicated Server or Cloud VPS such as: reinstallation of the operating system, configuration of software on request, antivirus and antimalware scan, verification of the status of the server both at hardware and software level, blacklist scan and other services on request.

The support request can be made through an eMail at, via ticket from the Support management panel or directly by contacting us at the telephone number H24 324.0886694

II level services

Level II assistance can be requested through a single intervention or by using one of our pre-paid plans.

Pre-paid one-off

Each one-off pre-paid plan provides for the recharge of a number of hours which is scaled down from time to time by the duration of the intervention in blocks of 10 minutes, for example: you have 60 minutes of upstream hours, configuration is required of an application or the evaluation of a problematic software, we do the intervention and it takes 17 minutes for which 20 minutes will be deducted from your total hours (2 blocks of 10 minutes); this type of plan does not expire and is purchased one-off, at the end of the number of hours it is necessary to purchase a new number of hours.

It is not necessary to have more than one hour total in the presence of multiple machines, 1 hour total covers all the machines under our management.

Annual pre-paid

The annual prepaid plans provide an annual number of hours, the plans are 3:

Monthly update of the server / cloud : monthly we do a server check and we work for the necessary updates:

  • we check the necessary software updates,
  • the status of the backup,
  • the remaining disk space and the hardware status of the disk,
  • the presence of your IP in the most common blacklists.

Monthly update of the server / cloud + 20-hour assistance : everything included in the monthly update plus a 20-hour mount for system assistance on the server.

Monthly update of the server / cloud + 30-hour assistance : everything included in the monthly update plus a 30-hour mount for system assistance on the server.

Additional services

On all our Dedicated Servers you can add important services

Floating IP

Floating IPs help you create extremely flexible configurations. They can be used to create redundant servers or a highly available cluster of servers. A mobile IP can be assigned and reassigned to any server at any time and in any location.

SSL certificates

Upon request you can activate SSL certificates other than open Let’s Encrypt which, thanks to the advanced certification, guarantee greater security to your e-commerce customers, increase the reliability of your project in the eyes of users thanks to the verification of corporate identity.

KVM Access

The KVM console allows remote system support, just as if you were in front of the server. You can follow system messages as on a “real” screen and interact with the server at any time. This way, if the server is having boot difficulties, for example, it can be started using alternative boot options or another image.

Control Panels

On all our Dedicated Servers you can install control panels for the management of your services, some are free as: CentOS Web Panel, Sentora, Vesta, ISPConfig others require the purchase of a license as: Direct Admin, CPanel and Plesk.

Server Managed

Your Dedicated Server will be taken care of directly by one of our technicians: updating, installation, configuration and performance control to have your server always online. Ideal for those who have little system knowledge, but need dedicated solutions.

Web Security

Our site security solutions include inspection, detection, protection, blacklist verification, daily anti-malware scanning, PCI vulnerability scanning.

Supported Linux Distributions, Operating Systems and Software

  • Operative system

    Windows Server

  • Control panels

    Direct Admin
    CentOS Web Panel (free)
    Sentora (free)
    Vesta (free)
    ISPConfig (free)

  • CMS

    Magento, OsCommerce, ZenCart, X-Cart, CS-Cart
    sistemi CRM come SugarCRM, vTiger

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We guarantee stability, speed and safety to your business

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    All devices are changed at most every 5 years from their first use.

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    All personal and sensitive data are managed and protected in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679.

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    ISO certification

    The server farms we use are ISO 27001 certified.

Support available 24×7

There is a support chat (icon at the bottom right) to talk directly with one of our online operators.

The support, for technical intervention requests, is available 24 hours a day through the mobile phone number 324.0886694.